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Wesley On Wednesdays 

Each week, children and youth from Pre-K through 12th grade meet for dinner and fellowship, a Bible lesson, small groups and games/activities.


For our lessons and activities, we use the Orange Curriculum. 

This month we are learning about hope: believing that something good can come from something bad.

Here is a basic schedule of how the night goes:


5:15pm - 5:30pm: Drop Off

5:30pm - 6:10pm: Dinner

6:10pm - 6:30pm: Game/Free Play

6:30pm - 6:45pm: Bible Lesson

6:45pm - 7:25pm: Small Groups

7:25pm - 7:30pm: Clean Up to Go Home!

7:30pm - 7:45pm: Pick-Up

If you would like more information about W.O.W., or how to get your children or youth involved, please email Sara at!

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